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high2earth Geography Educational Travel

Oculus Quest

high2earth allows you to travel virtually to many locations around the world: Rome, Seattle, Munich, Mount Everest, New Your and many other...

OtherSight Travel Geography Educational

Oculus Quest

A museum in Madrid, a back alley from Tokyo, a famous street in Havana...

BRINK Traveler Geography Educational Travel

PCVROculus Quest

BRINK Traveler is a virtual travel experience that takes you to amazing natural locations in full 3D to feel like you're really there. Step into...

Once Upon a Sea Documentary Geography Educational Travel


Once Upon a Sea is a poetic, interactive XR documentary telling the tragic tale of the legendary Dead Sea. Through a physical exploration of...

National Geographic Explore VR Travel Geography Educational Nature Exploration

Oculus Quest
Travel to Antarctica with National Geographic Explore VR, and set off on a thrilling expedition of discovery. Navigate around icebergs in a kayak,...

VR Austria Travel Geography Educational Austria

VR Austria is a stereoscopic virtual reality app, that offers you a look at Austria - as if you were there, on a typical summer's day. Visit...

Amazon Odyssey Adventure Nature Educational Geography

Go on an incredible journey through the Amazon Rainforest inside the comfort of your virtual reality headset. You will parachute into the jungle and...

Stonehenge VR SANDBOX England Travel History Educational Geography

A profound learning experience enjoyed by thousands of families when it originated as one of the first room scale VR exhibits in a museum. With the...

Great Pyramid VR Geography Educational Egypt Travel

Great Pyramid VR is a virtual 3D walk through The Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt - the oldest and the last surviving monument of the original 7...

The Grand Canyon VR Experience USA Travel Geography Educational Exploration Casual

Explore one of nature's greatest wonders from the comfort of your home with the Grand Canyon VR Experience for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift! Transport...

Google Earth VR Casual Simulation Travel Geography Educational

Free to play!
Google Earth VR lets you explore the world from totally new perspectives in virtual reality.

Edmersiv Geography Educational History Casual

Free to play!
Enjoy the first educational lab for VR.

Chernobyl VR Project Narrative Casual History Educational Geography

Visit Chernobyl without leaving home! Chernobyl VR Project combines video game mechanics with the educational and movie narrative approach. It...

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