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Kizuna AI - Touch the Beat!

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest

Watch Kizuna AI's stage performance and cheer her on by beating to the rhythm from your special concert seat!

You will be an audience at Kizuna AI's stage performance. Feel the rhythm to the song and hit the notes that come flying towards you with your penlight.

The better you play, the closer you get to watch Kizuna AI's stage performance. Aim for consecutive combos!

The game includes a feature that allows you to watch original music videos at 360°or 180°while waving your concert penlight. Please look forward to more original videos exclusive to this application in the future!

To celebrate the release of Kizuna AI's first VR app, songs will be free to play for a limited time! Please use this opportunity to try out the game!

In addition, several songs will be added as DLC by the end of October!

More songs will be added as DLC in the future, so please look forward to that as well!

ŠKizuna AI

JASRAC License No.9025618001Y43032

Developed by Kizuna AI Inc.
Release date: 12th October 2020
Players: Single Player


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