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Pipe Dreamin' VR: The Big Easy

A VR Game available for PCVR

Pipe Dreamin' VR: The Big Easy is a single player casual puzzle game set in the chaotic, watery and silly world of subterranean New Orleans. As a player, you will use custom VR mechanics to catch raining pipes, avoid the rising waters and build unique pipe structures to escape flooding rooms.


Pipe Dreamin' VR: The Big Easy is a retro-inspired 3D tetris-like VR puzzle game set in subterranean New Orleans.

As a player, you are placed in a flooding room and are forced to build your way out of it by catching pipes and placing them in front of you to escape the rising water.

Some of the pipes have special abilities (Wildcard Pipes) and some will even talk back to you.

  • Connect the pipes
  • Escape the rising water
  • Save the city

It's that simple! Explore a series of training levels before unlocking three procedurally-generated "free play" levels, each with their own original music and New Orleans' quirks. Select Training or Free Play in the main menu and off you go. Each Free Play level offers procedurally generated challenges for unlimited Pipe Dreamin' fun. As you complete the training, you will unlock more of the customizable Free Play levels.

Compete to unlock hidden achievements and get the highest score amidst these watery and bizarre environs.

PLEASE NOTE - The game is only supported on the headsets explicitly listed in the notice above. The game is currently in BETA for tethered Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2.


Created by Top Right Corner based on an idea by Chad Barton

Produced by Dan Clifton and Chad Barton

Lead Developer - Nathan Frazier

Art Lead - Andre Langston


Holden Bowman

Quan Nguyen

3D Artists:

Alex English

Nicholas Hutson

Original Music composed by Julian Gosin

Sound by Apex Post

Special Thanks to:

Eric Kleified

Julia Berghammer

Dana Barton

Developed by Top Right Corner (3)
Release date: 26th July 2021
Players: Single Player


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