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A VR Game available for PSVR2

RUINSMAGUS sets out on a quest to redefine the action RPG genre with a beautiful, anime-inspired fantasy world brought to life through immersive VR mechanics and engaging VR controls. An engrossing narrative, a heartwarming musical score, and professional voice acting add to the game's depth--making RUINSMAGUS a genuinely magical experience.

Solve the Mysteries of the Ruins
Welcome to the prestigious RUINSMAGUS Guild! As a new guild member, your mission is to strengthen the guild with your magic, resources, and wisdom. Cast and blink your way through a stunning fantasy world across more than 25 story-driven quests and explore the ruins beneath the city of Grand Amnis. Overcome deadly puzzles to uncover valuable artifacts. Master 16 powerful spells and use them to defeat rivals and guardians who protect the ruins. Survivors who are clever and agile enough to overcome the ruins can return to the surface, procure new items, and upgrade their equipment to increase their chances of success.
Are you ready to face the challenges ahead and emerge victorious?

Key Features
● Complete the Magic -- One convenient bundle that includes the main game and DLC, The Warrior and the Tailor, plus full English and original Japanese voice-over with English Subtitles.
● Feel The Magic -- Experience an enhanced level of immersion with updated vibration patterns, new HMD rumble, and Adaptive Trigger support.
● Hear the Magic -- Thanks to enhanced 3D audio, RUINSMAGUS has never sounded more alive.
● Unlock the Magic -- RUINSMAGUS now features Trophy support, allowing players to showcase their prowess and strive for greatness by unlocking the prestigious Platinum Trophy.
● Share the Magic -- With the in-game camera, Magi can effortlessly capture their exciting and action-packed adventures and share them with the world using PlayStation™ Share.

Developed by CharacterBank inc (3)
Release date: 19th September 2023
Players: Single Player


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